Future Business Council is the new voice for business in Australia.

We represent the interests of the innovative, sustainable and resilient businesses that will define our future economy. Our members are leading companies that know the  world is rapidly changing and understand a new approach is needed for business to survive and thrive this century.

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Is your business breaking ground with a new and innovative business model? Are you are an existing business looking to transition? Do you share a vision for creating a strong, prosperous and sustainable future?

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We connect your business into the Future Business Council’s network of future-focused business leaders who understand that we need to change the incentives within our economic system to ensure prosperity in the future. The Future Business Council is your platform to work with government and create an economy that encourages the innovative, sustainable and ethical businesses we need for the future.

Contact us about becoming a member and how the Future Business Council is giving business leaders like you a voice on the future of our economy.

The Next Boom pulls together data from across different sectors and regions to show just how rapidly markets and consumers are changing and the significant investment and business potential that these changes create.

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Are you interested in how innovative businesses are leading change in world 4.0? Do you share values for collaboration, sustainability and making a difference? Join us now and work with us towards a more efficient and brighter future in business.
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